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date icon October 25, 2023

4 Reasons Why You Should Rent an Economy Car in Dubai

If you want to explore the amazing city of Dubai and its many attractions, you will need a car. But finding a cheap and suitable car rental in Dubai can be hard if you don't know the tricks.

In this blog post, we will reveal the 4 proven reasons due to which tourists from diverse nations love to rent the best travel friendly car rentals cheap in Dubai.

Why Rent an Economy Car in Dubai?

The answer is simple!
Economy cars are the best option for renting a car in Dubai on a budget. Economy cars are smaller, cheaper, and more fuel-efficient than other car types. They are also easier to park and drive in the busy streets of Dubai.

Economy cars are ideal for solo travelers or couples who don't need much space or luggage.
According to Renty, one of the leading online platforms for comparing and booking car rentals in Dubai, economy cars are the most popular car type among tourists and visitors in Dubai.

 Some of the reasons why economy cars are so popular are:

  1. They Are Very Affordable: You can rent an economy car in Dubai for as low as AED 50 per day. That's much cheaper than renting a luxury car or an SUV, which can cost you hundreds of dirhams per day.
  2. They Are Very Fuel-Efficient: You can save money on gas by renting an economy car in Dubai, as they consume less fuel than other car types. For example, a Kia Picanto, one of the most popular economy cars in Dubai, has a fuel consumption of 4.5 liters per 100 km. That means you can drive for more than 20 km with just one liter of petrol.
  3. They Are Very Travel Friendly: You can easily navigate the roads and traffic in Dubai by renting an economy car, as they are smaller and more agile than other car types. You can also park them easily in tight spaces or crowded areas.
  4. They Come With Various Options: You can enjoy the views and the weather in Dubai by renting an economy car with a sunroof or a convertible option.


Renting an economy car in Dubai is the best way to enjoy your stay in the city on a budget. Economy cars are affordable, fuel-efficient, and travel friendly, reflecting why they are most popular cars among economic tourists and visitors in Dubai.

You can easily find and book an economy car online from different car rental provider and choose from a variety of economy cars, such as Kia Picanto, Hyundai Accent, Nissan Sunny, or Chevrolet Aveo. Rent an economy car in Dubai to have the memorable and hassle-free trip today.

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