Terms & Conditions

Eco Lane Car Rentals in Dubai. Please ensure that you go through the provisions below. They outline the terms and conditions under which we render our car rental services. These terms apply whenever you use our services.


1. Rental Agreement:

1.1 Eligibility: To hire a car, you have to be no less than twenty-three years of age, hold a legitimate driving license, and fulfill any further requirements required by law.

1.2 Booking: Our reservation can be made online on our website and also directly at any of our rental points. The confirmed booking means that you accept the indicated lease conditions.


2. Rental Duration and Returns:

2.1 Duration: Minimum two-hour rentals are available but may be extended, pending availability and management’s approval.

2.2 Returns: Vehicles need to be returned promptly, in the condition they were rented. Failure to return materials on time can lead to extra charges.


3. Rental Fees and Payments:

3.1 Fees: Base charge, mileage, extra fees for other options such as insurance, GPS.

3.2 Payment: Credit cards are acceptable means of payment. In some cases, a security deposit should be made when renting a car that will be returned after using it in good condition.


4. Vehicle Use and Restrictions:

4.1 Authorized Drivers: The car should only be driven by persons named in the signed lease form.

4.2 Prohibited Use: The car should never be used in criminal acts, cross country, race, hauling, or carrying of dangerous substances.


5. Insurance and Liability:

5.1 Insurance: The vehicles are covered by basic insurance. They can, however, select specific coverage plans with which they feel comfortable.

5.2 Liability: Therefore, the renter is responsible for losses such as damage, disappearance, and theft of the vehicle throughout the hire or rent.


6. Maintenance and Repairs:

6.1 Maintenance: It has to be borne in mind that, during the rental period, the renter must also engage in routine maintenance (for example, changing oil).

6.2 Repairs: Only Eco Lane Car Rentals are responsible for repair approvals. Once we approve the receipts for authorized repairs, they shall be reimbursed.


7. Cancellation and Refunds:

7.1 Cancellation: Our cancellation policy applies here; it was outlined at the time of booking.

7.2 Refunds: We have a refund policy that is in accordance with section 19 of the Privacy Act 2020 in order to guarantee that your refund is secure.


8. Governing Law:

The laws of the UAE courts of respective cities govern these terms and conditions.


9. Changes to Terms and Conditions:

However, we keep the right to change the conditions of this Agreement. We will inform you through our site or other relevant media in case of any change.


10. Contact Us:

In case there are some issues that you want to clarify regarding the terms mentioned above, please call us at +971 44087337 or email us at bookings@cheapcarrentalsdubai.com.

Kind regards,

Eco Lane Car Rental Dubai.

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