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date icon October 25, 2023

A Simple Process to Efficiently Rent a Cheap Car In Dubai

A big city like Dubai is not some place you would explore on foot, right? You need a car to get around. Therefore, we have listed out 6 great steps to enjoy rental cars in Dubai.

Compare Prices Online

One of the easiest ways to find cheap cars rentals in Dubai is to compare prices online. For example, you can use Eco Lane to compare hundreds of rental cars at once and filter by car type and to order car rental in Dubai at an affordable price. 

Choose the Right Car Type

Another factor that affects the cost of rental car in Dubai is the type of car you choose.

  • Generally, smaller cars and economy cars are cheaper to rent but are not suitable for long trips or large groups. 
  • Bigger cars offer more comfort and space, but also consume more fuel and parking fees. 
    Therefore, you should consider your budget, itinerary, and number of passengers before choosing a car type.

Check the Documents Required

Before renting a car in Dubai, you should also check the documents required by the car rental agency. Depending on your nationality and visa status, different types of documents to rent a car in Dubai are required.

For example, for tourist from a country that has a reciprocal agreement with the UAE, you may only need your passport and an international driver's permit (IDP) to rent a car in Dubai. Otherwise, you    need a valid driving license from your home country or a temporary UAE driving license.

You should also check the insurance policy and the terms and conditions of the rental contract before signing it.

Book Online

Once you have chosen your car type, book it online with your details and payment method. You will receive a confirmation email with your booking details and instructions.

Pick Up Your Car

Go to the designated location to pick up your car. You will need to present your passport, driving license, credit card, and booking confirmation. You will also need to sign the rental contract and pay any deposit or fees.

Enjoy Your Ride

Drive your desired car around Dubai and enjoy its attractions and activities. Along with that, make sure to follow the road rules, respect the speed limits, and pay the tolls.

PRO TIP - Book in Advance: By booking your car rental online before your trip, you can save time and get discounts, promotions, and special offers that may not be available at the last minute. 


From comparing prices online, using online platforms like Eco Lane, choosing economic options, cross-checking the documents required to advanced online booking. Follow these tips and enjoy your trip in Dubai with your favorite rented car.

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